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The Quick & Powerful Word

Two years ago, on a visit to the Isle of Lewis, in the providence of God we arrived in time to get to the deathbed of a dear friend. She was ninety-four, and we had known her for thirty years. Mary was a very bright Christian, the wife of a highly respected elder, who had died many years before. Now it was her turn to depart. 

She had in the past, told us her testimony. We were reminded of it by reading the account in a newly published book. As a seventeen-year old she had attended church regularly, but as perhaps with most youth, it was a bind to go. On one particular communion Sabbath, she went to the evening service. The visiting minister did not have an attractive ministry, and was rather heavy in his delivery. 

Mary, being tired, thought to rest her head on the balcony rail, thinking that it would give the appearance of being very spiritual, but really it was to shut her eyes. Dozing off, she was startled and awakened during the sermon by a verse that the minister quoted from Malachi, “And the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the Lord of hosts, that it shall neither leave them root or branch." Tears flooded her eyes; the arrow had entered her heart. The following Thursday she went to the prayer meeting, which publicly signified that she was prepared to follow the Lord. Seventy-seven years later we sat at her bedside, and during the night she went to be forever with the Lord.

We see from this gracious experience, that salvation is not dependent on the preacher’s personality nor ability, but rather it is the entrance of God’s Word that giveth light. The Word of God is quick and powerful. Young friend, give your mind and heart to it.