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The Last Minute

It seems that the recent communion season held in the Isle of Lewis and Harris has again been blest with fruit once more. In different churches throughout the island, souls have come forward in threes or fours desiring to sit and partake of the Lord’s provision with the household of faith. They range in ages from fourteen years to seventy-five plus. A friend was telling me how that her aunt, aged seventy five, who was the wife of a deceased elder, came forward after a lifetime of attending church. Apparently, as the session was closing for the last time on Saturday night, she appeared at the last minute to seek admittance to the table the following day. She had been given strength to fulfil the desire of her soul to sit at the Lord’s Table.

That was probably after a lifetime of struggling with convictions, with her own nature, and with an unrequited desire. It all culminated in that last minute. One minute more of struggling and it would have been too late, and who knows then what a day would bring. Never leave things until the last minute.