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The Joy of Salvation

I was watching a programme on the computer respecting a short history of Welsh painters. It highlighted groups of artists that arose after the war, and then a group who flourished in the 1960’s. The interviewer questioned one of the group who is now aged 83, and still painting! The documentary showed her working at her easel with a dedication undiminished after 60 years!

Then she turned, and with obvious sincerity, commented, “I can’t understand why anyone would turn to drink or drugs in order to get excitement, when to paint a Welsh landscape fills me with excitement”.

That remark challenged me. Am I still excited about my faith? Am I still moved with wonder at my Redeemer? Does worship of the living God still thrill my soul, and satisfy my heart more than all other competitors? Have I to say with David, “Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation”?