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The Fountain of Living Waters

Providence required that we make a quick trip to Basel, Switzerland. It is a very law-abiding country, and needs be, as the penalties are heavy. It runs an extremely good transport system of coordinating trains, buses and trams. Unlike Singapore where your ticket is checked at the turnstile, there is no such way in Basel. Each traveller is trusted to get the correct ticket from a machine at the side of the road. Sometimes there are spot checks by inspectors, but we never encountered one.

Basel contains 180 fountains distributed throughout the city. They are all different, and have some sculpture or statue adorning them. Each has its own history and connected meaning, and probably was used as a public water supply in the past. The water is fresh, clean and cold.

But Zion only boasts one fountain, yet it has miraculous powers. It is a fountain opened for sin and uncleanness, and makes the foulest clean. One can drink of its living waters, and wash away one’s sins. This fountain springs from the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ. Come to Him, dear soul, and by faith in Him have your iniquities removed, and drink of His crystal waters of life, and you will never thirst again.