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The Dead Do Bleed!

A man went into his doctor claiming he was dead. The doctor examined him, and was glad to confirm that he was very much alive. Resisting his diagnosis, the patient averred that he was dead. After some thought the doctor posed the question, ‘can a dead man bleed?’ The man denied that a cadaver could bleed. So the physician took a needle and pierced the patient’s finger, and drew blood. The man looked at his finger and said, ‘Good gracious, the dead do bleed!’

Is it not true that man does not believe the evidence? Recall, even Mary at the tomb could not believe that Christ was resurrected, and on seeing Him, supposed Him to be the gardener. Even the disciples, when Christ appeared in the midst of them, were terrified and affrighted, supposing they had seen a spirit. And so the world rejects the evidence and the testimony of the Word of God.

Yet a proof of the Christian experience is exampled by Paul. A man adamant, opposed and furiously resistant and antagonistic to Christianity, when faced with the evidence on the road to Damascus, bowed to the irrefutable. Christ spoke with power to him, and the evidence turned a lion into a lamb.