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The Book of Life

Yesterday, 1st August, there was an auction in Oxford of an autographed book. It was filled with the autographs of the top 100 pilots in the Second World War, and the Battle of Britain. A barman in the officer’s mess put a book in the bar, and as the pilots returned from their sorties, they would sign in.

The famous Douglas Bader lost both legs when shot down, but returned to fly and lead his squadron, before becoming a prisoner of war. Apparently, when sitting in the messroom, he thought the book should have a better cover than it had. So he ripped some leather off the armchair he was sitting on, and ordered the book to be bound with it. The book fetched 3,300 pounds at the auction. The man who bought it said that he was a war baby, and therefore owed his life to these brave men.

The book contained the names of courageous men, the flying elite of the nation. But there is a greater Book, called the Book of Life. In a figure the Bible describes it containing all the elect of God. Their names were written before they were born, accomplished in time, and preserved for eternity. It is sealed, ratified and covered by the blood of Christ. They live because He gave His life for them. Oh, make sure that your name is written there.