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The Best Things Are Free!

Even in a short stay in Switzerland we found it expensive. The trouble is that one is always making comparisons to the prices in one’s home country. For instance, to purchase a tin of a well-known brand of beans, would cost over one pound (roughly 3 Sing dollars), whereas in the U.K. they are often selling for 50p. If you would want to buy an ordinary bicycle, it would divest your bank account of 1,000 pounds. 

But in the U.K. it would only be 100 pounds. If you wanted a mountain bike, that would cost you 3,000 pounds, which in the U.K. would purchase a decent car. To buy half a dozen eggs would rob your purse of 2 pounds 30, which would buy a dozen eggs of the same quality in the U.K. No doubt, such high prices would be compensated by high wages. But we also notice that many people cycled, skated or even foot scootered, whilst a lot of the older people walked. On the buses or trams it would cost just over a pound for a journey of three stops.

But whether one lives in Switzerland, U.K. or Singapore, there is one constant, immutable commodity that is freely provided. No need of silver or gold; no worries about purse strings or economics, for this is without money and without price. Salvation is free, purchased and paid for by the Lord Jesus Christ. Grace is free, faith is a gift. So whether you are rich or poor, believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ, and receive everlasting life.