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The Bane of Misunderstandings

Misunderstandings are frequent inciters of aggravation and trouble. Such is the uncertainty within e-mail messages that little smiling faces have to be inserted to prove that a statement is tongue-in-cheek, or teasing. We can misunderstand what is being conveyed by one expression, whether written, spoken or appearing on another’s face. An intention can be misinterpreted; an action wrongly perceived, or a positive misread as a negative.

Misunderstandings are the bane of peaceful relations, and sadly, the disrupters of unity, even within the fellowship of believers. That is why Paul counsels that our conversation be seasoned with grace.

But we can also misunderstand what God has said. This is why theology or doctrine becomes divisive. Instead of contemplating the context or the whole thrust of Scripture surrounding a truth, that seemingly poses a contradictory view, we tend to fit that one expression into our own system or understanding. According to the promise, Let us be taught of God.