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Sparrows, Hairs & Transistors

The common sparrow is prolific in the U.K. But there has been a scarcity of them in our garden this year. Usually there are flocks of them vying for the seeds and nuts. Apparently it is a countrywide scarcity, which cannot be accounted for. A radio programme informed me that the number of transistors and chips in computers throughout the world are now as many as the raindrops that fall on California. Indeed, their multiplication is approaching the amount of raindrops that fall on Europe. These are fantastic numbers and hard to visualise.

But consider that the Lord knows what has happened to the sparrows, for His omniscience is such that He knows when one sparrow falls to the ground. He also knows and can number the hairs on your head, and all the heads in the world. Whether hairs, sparrows or transistors, they are all compassed by the infinite mind of God. And isn’t it wonderful that He knows each one of us individually?