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Sons of the Living God

My name is O’Neil, which means son of Neil, whoever he was originally. Each one of us is a vehicle, carrying our ancestors’ genes. As a son of Neil, I must bear a relation to him, however diluted by time and breeding. There must be aspects of my nature and personality that bear traces of the original.

The scripture declares that Christians are, “Sons of the living God,” (Hos 1:10). Our God is a living God. Do we believe that? Are we living under the consciousness of that? If such is our belief, then because we are sons and bear a relation to Him, we should manifest something of His nature and likeness. We ought, therefore, to be living sons, sons full of His life, full of zeal and spiritual energy – life! It is this to which Paul exhorts the Romans, “Present your bodies a living sacrifice which is your reasonable service.” He instructs them to be transformed. The soul has experienced a metamorphosis in all respects, and particularly in the extent of love and service to God. Compare then, your interest, zeal and energy for your favourite pastime, with your energy and life for, and in, the means of grace. Do you give one hundred per cent? Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed upon us that we should be called the sons of God.