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The Rock of Ages

Taking a Hebridean walk within the estate of the castle grounds in Stornoway, we followed a river in its descent to the sea. It is an especially good salmon fishing river, and we enjoyed watching the different flows of the water. The river fed into large pools where the fishermen cast their lines, and then the river would pour over waterfalls and cataracts up which the salmon would have to leap.

Whilst walking the path, I noticed an unusual sight. In the trees that bordered the pathway was a huge rock. And on top of it grew a tree, the trunk being of a diameter that two men joining arms could not encircle. But actually, the tree was planted the other side of the mighty rock, and had bent in its growth, so that the trunk had rested on the unmoveable rock. From thence it grew upright to the sky.

The Scripture speaks of Calvary’s cross as a tree. And when you think of it, that tree, while standing on earth rested on the immutability of the Rock of Ages. Resting on the eternal purposes and design of God, and raised up to be the blessed hope of sinners. Christ crucified having its foundation on the solidity of God’s unmoveable and eternal intentions. What an assurance!