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The Rise of Christianets

Christians in the U.K., particularly those of Arminian theology and charismatic worship, have in the last decade, adopted the American approach. In order to attract people into the church, they are placing billboards outside their buildings with quirky and highly questionable advertisements. For instance, “We are the Soul Agents in this area.” Or, “Down in the mouth? Come in for a faith lift.” Or, “Gambling is a sin. Bet you can’t give it up.” Or, “There are some questions that can’t be answered by Google.” Or, “Can’t sleep? Don’t count sheep. Talk to the Shepherd.”

Some are more painfully ludicrous, but all of them really demean God, and the Church. Gone are the old Biblical texts, as probably they are seen as too confrontational or religious. Rather, it seems that the need of the hour is sensation seeking sound bites, such as, “Give us a Sign Lord,” Sound bites do not produce sound Christians, and in the words of Spurgeon, “Sermonets produce Christianets.” May the good Lord deliver the Church from such contemporary confusion, and delusion.