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Redeeming the Time

It is strange, but how often have I heard lately that time seems to be going faster. Now you would expect that comment to come from old people, but even younger ones are saying this. For myself, no sooner than I raise my head from the pillow, it seems that I am putting it down again. Another day gone! Measurement of time used to be by looking at one’s watch. But in this modern age it is more determined by the next television programme.

Augustine has a discourse on time. He maintains that time is a creature because it is created. Another interesting point that he makes is, that when time passes it no longer exists; the future time does not exist, for it is not yet come, and that present time is momentary and passes instantly. 

The Bible speaks much of time. For instance, it moves as fast as a weaver’s shuttle. If you have not seen the shuttle moving across the threads, it is done in the blink of an eyelid. Time is precious, so that we ought not to waste it. That is why Paul exhorts us to, “Redeem the time.” That is, to buy up time. Using every opportunity because it cannot be recalled. Time is not to be squandered nor neglected, but used to every improvement and advantage. And for those who have not Christ as their Saviour, then NOW is the accepted time. Do not put off believing until another day, it could be now or never. If you do not use NOW rightly, it could mean for you an eternity of bitter remorse, and tragic regret.