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Quiet Sabbath Rest

The effects of the Reformation have lingered in Basel even after 400 years. Historically, John Calvin spent some time there. One is conscious on the Sabbath, that the Biblical teaching has not been in vain. Though most of the churches are liberal or Roman Catholic, yet the society preserves to a large extent the knowledge of a rest day.

No washing is to be hung out on the day. Noise is minimal. Public sports are kept to a Saturday. Outside the city centre there is a presiding silence, though interrupted by passing traffic. Of course, this is a case of tradition and legality, which is surprising, as there seems more Roman Catholic churches than Protestant. Nevertheless, it brought home to me the blessedness of having a day set apart for the rest of both body and soul. And if used correctly and lovingly, then unfettered worship can be rendered to the Lord of the Sabbath. My friend, value the Sabbath, keep it holy, and as we do so, its benefits will influence future generations