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One Lord, One Faith ...

Providence is remarkable and mysterious. The other day we took a Singaporean visitor up into the mountains to see a castle called ‘Castell Carreg Cennan.’ It stood on a steep hill with precipitous cliffs guarding one side, and a steep climb on the other. For thirteen centuries it has stood defiantly, repulsing its enemies and storms. During the summer, it is a favourite subject of artists.

Bright sunshine allowed us to climb so far, and then snow and hail came at us horizontally, due to the force of the wind. But it passed, and we entered the ruined castle, and basked inside under a re-appeared sun.

Being winter, there were fewer visitors, but as we climbed the battlements and stared into the ruins of the Lord’s bedroom, three young people approached and stood with us to look. After preliminary remarks it turned out that they, too, were believers. The man was Irish, with two Welsh-speaking young ladies. And so for a short while we enjoyed fellowship together. Thus, including our Singaporean friend, the elect from different nations met by the room of the Arglwydd. ‘Arglwydd’ is also the biblical name for ‘the Lord.’ How apt the spot, and how pleasant a thing it was to have unity together.