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On Bended Knees

Practically all the crofters here in Lewis have their own sheep. They slaughter for their own consuming, but also sell for profit. So that everywhere one travels on the island, one will see sheep on the hills and mountains, in the fields and crofts, and even on the roads.

In the Spring, when the lambs are born, it is a delight to watch their progress and antics. But one action they make is instructive. The lambs gambolling in the field, when they want a drink go to the mother, who stands quietly munching grass. To get to the mother’s milk, the lamb has to bend its forelegs and virtually rest on its knees. It is then able to get under the mother’s belly to feed. 

So it should be for the believer, in order to feel on the milk of the Word. The soul needs to bend and to humble itself under the mighty Hand of God to receive. We should not lean to our own understanding, but come in lowliness and dependence to partake of the divine provision. He shall feed His flock like a shepherd.