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He Who Has No Need of Google

Modern technology is amazing! Take the computer, for instance. One can click on Google Earth, and from the satellite circling this world you can look down upon most nations. One can even view from above, one’s own house. Computer-wise burglars have used this to their advantage by targeting certain houses. They can see the layout, entrances and obstacles, so they do not have to do any manual reconnoitering.

The oceans cover two-thirds of the world’s surface. Google have now brought out another satellite viewpoint. With this you can visit any part of the oceans, and have under-water shots of the terrain, and animal and plant life in that locality. From that vantage point in space, mortal man can look down upon life.

We must not think it strange then, that the infinite, omnipotent, omniscient Being, who dwells in Heaven itself, can view the affairs and hearts of men. He needs no satellite; He needs no Microsoft; His all-seeing eye of omniscience sees the end from the beginning and the beginning to the end.