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My Three Sisters

Until I was in my twenties, I only had my three brothers. So it was a household dominated by masculine priorities. Knowing no female influences save my mother’s, I was limited as to my outlook on life.

Then around about the age of 24, it was made known to me that I had three sisters. This discovery changed my whole attitude to life. On their visiting me, I found them to be perfectly delightful. And while the three of them were harmonious in their relationship, each had a distinct nature, and abilities.

My first sister, for so I now called them, made me feel as if I could trust her, and whatever she pointed out. My second sister is wonderfully positive, and taught me to anticipate rather than being negative. My third sister is ever so tender and loving, and makes me wish I was more like her. So all in all, we get on great.

Oh, by the way, their names are: Faith, Hope and Love.