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Music in My Soul

Our Pastor has returned from an encouraging mission to Malawi, Africa. It was refreshing to read how the believers there are open to teaching, and receiving it not as the word of men, but as it is in truth the Word of God. How different from the attitude of more westernised Christians, who either dispute, contradict, or are not spiritually affected by the truth. His account of the effervescent response of their faith and feelings, that work in a different cultural setting from ours, again was a joy to read. I personally can understand how the Pastor was tempted to leap as an hart, in such an atmosphere of welcome and rejoicing.

It brings to mind the experience of a brilliant, staid Professor of Divinity, named John Duncan, or familiarly called Rabbi Duncan, because of his scholarship in Hebrew. This dear man was often plagued with lack of assurance, and given over to doubts respecting the existence of God. He had an acute, philosophical bent of mind which caused theological scepticism for him. But little by little it gave way to a more positive faith in a personal God. One night he was suddenly convinced that there was a God. The revelation so affected him, “That I danced on the brig o’ Dee with delight.” (i.e. a bridge of seven arches across the river Dee, at the south entrance to the city of Aberdeen). This staid, Scottish philosopher who went on to be a Professor of Divinity, danced to the tune in his heart.

There are times when I could personally throw off the ties of reserve and tradition. Methinks even now, with my walking stick, I could manage a joyful shuffle to the music in my soul!