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Missing the Mark

One of our granddaughters has just stayed with us for a week. She is 10, and at that age the question every day is, “What are we going to do tomorrow?” On one of the days, the weather being hot, we took her to a farm where there were hawks, and owls, and different kinds of birds, but also it was an archery venue.

She joined a group of about 8 adults to have instruction, and then to try their skill on the bull’s eye targets. Being her first attempt at archery she did very well, and hit the target most of the time, and even got a few bull’s eyes. But I noticed that some of the adults overshot the target, and the arrows went through the protective netting into the field behind.

This reminded me of sin and iniquity, which basically means to miss the target, and not hitting the mark. We all fall short of the mark, and overshoot God’s standards by our transgressions. Thank God that His arrows of conviction never miss, but they pierce our armour of fig leaves. Then it is that we repent, and make a new start, and aim with more accuracy to live a life pleasing to Him.