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Miracle of Sight

An amateur pilot named Jim O’Neil (no relation), whilst flying his private place in the skies of England, went blind. At 15,000 ft. he suffered a stroke which took away his eyesight. He managed to contact a control tower, and an R.A.F. fighter plane was scrambled. 

The R.A.F. plane flew alongside Jim, and the pilot, through instruction, brought him down to a runway, and he accomplished the landing safely. His wife said that it was a miracle. Whilst we would not say that it was a miracle, nevertheless it was a wonderful feat by both pilots. Jim’s eyesight has been slowly returned.

By nature a sinner is blind to spiritual matters, and cannot see where he is heading, and where he will end up. But in his blindness God’s word comes and instructs by the Spirit, and guides and leads him from his darkness and lostness to a safe haven. His eyes are enlightened, either slowly or quickly, so that he recognises all that has happened to him, and where he now is. Now, that is a miracle.