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Message from Heaven

Although it is December 21st, today was like a September day. Warm sun, a cloudless sky and just right for our promenade walk. A young boy appeared with his father carrying a balloon with a long string. “Should I let it go Dad?” he shouts. And on a nod, away went the balloon. My wife asked the boy if there was a message on it, and they replied, “Yes, a Christmas card with a message.” It was tied to the end of the string.

Within five minutes, it had soared into the blue until we lost sight of it. It floated across the sea in the direction of Cornwall, and towards France. In the ways of providence, someone, may be in Europe, will come across a message dropped from the heavens.

Maybe in the providence of God, this bulletin has fallen into your hands. It contains a message for you from Heaven. It states that you are a sinner, and have offended a holy God, and so you need forgiveness and deliverance. The message says, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. Turn to Him, and seek His pardon and salvation, as He is God’s Word to you.