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We have had our 9 year old grand-daughter staying with us this week. Two days into her holidays with us, we took her to a play zone. She quickly made friends, and was soon running from one apparatus to another. Then she jumped down half a metre to another level, landed awkwardly and twisted her ankle. 

Two days later she could not put her foot down to walk. So we took her to our local hospital, and the x-ray showed a flaked ankle bone. On went the plaster cast, and out came the crutches. This has immobolised her from her usual activities, but she is delighted to own a pair! 

All men, women, boys and girls are halt, maim and lame. The Bible and experience tells us that we are are all spiritually unable to walk in God’s ways and run in the way of His commandments. Man, by birth, is like Mephibosheth, who was lame in both feet, not just in one. But there is One who can make the lame to leap as an hart, and to run and not be weary. Christ can heal the disease of sin, and walk in love, in the Spirit, and in the ways of the Lord God. 

“The son of Jonathan, Saul’s son. When they were killed he was 5 years old and became lame owing to an injury sustained in flight with his nurse (2 Sa. 4:4). David spared his life, gave him an honourable place at court for Jonathan’s sake, and appointed Ziba, one of Saul’s slaves, to serve him (2 Sa. 9; 21:7). Ziba’s treachery and Mephibosheth’s reconciliation with David at the time of Absalom’s revolt are related in 2 Sa. 16:1-6; 19:24-30” (New Bible Dictionary, s.v. “Mephibosheth”).