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Man Overboard!

When we are on holiday in the Outer Hebrides, we often attend the church in the village where we stay. We are friendly with the minister, and so the news we received this week had an extra element of tragedy. His brother who was forty- three, fell overboard from a trawler, and drowned. As far as the limitations of our knowledge are concerned, he was not a follower. 

Jonah was not a seaman. This man was, for the island is renowned for its sailors. Jonah asked to be thrown overboard, this man was baiting hooks in the stern and a wave broke over the ship and carried him away. Jonah went into the depths, but a singular providence delivered him; with this poor man he swam towards the boat but suffered a heart attack. Jonah cried unto the Lord, what was this man’s last cry? 

We never know what a day may bring, but let us make sure that our cry will be directed unto the Great Deliverer from the second death.