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Love for the Father

Our little granddaughter, aged 2, came to stay for a week on her own, and that was the second time in three weeks. By doing so, she was 320 kilometres from her parents. But on the fourth night, she woke up at 4.00 a.m., and started pitifully crying, “I want my daddy.” Nothing would console her for about an hour. That fundamental tie and relationship tugged at her heartstrings, and created that longing and yearning to be reunited and restored. 

Is not that our experience at times? Because we have distanced ourselves from God, and no longer know His presence and embrace of love, we are brought to cry, “I want my Abba Father.” Jewish children still use this affectionate and intimate title for their fathers, for Abba means ‘daddy.’ And therefore it is not over-familiar to use it, as Paul does. Therefore, in the privacy of our hearts and our need, we can cry, “I want my Abba.” Oh, to have such a child-like desire, and have it met constantly and contentedly.