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Living Waters

Whilst attending a communion service in the Isle of Lewis, the English service was held in a small mission building seating about one hundred. Meanwhile, the Gaelic service was being held at the same time at the main church in another part of the parish. At a gathering in someone’s home after the worship, it was recounted that in that locality, called Tong, (Tongue), there was a well of spring water near the shore which continually bubbled up. But when the tide came in, it covered the well. When it ebbed, in minutes all the salt water was removed, and once again the living waters flowed. 

It reminds us of Abraham’s wells which he dug, and then were filled in by the ungodly. But his son, Isaac, opened them up again, and the waters flowed. In a figure it speaks of the wells of salvation. But also, no matter what clouds may drift across our lives, be they never so dark, the waters that Christ gives cannot be prevented. “He that believeth on Me, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.” Whether it is affliction, grief or sorrow, or any other trial that would overshadow our lives, the life that Christ gives will bubble up to strengthen and refresh.