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Little Foxes

We were staying at our daughter’s home when it snowed. As we looked out of the lounge window into the night, the whiteness of the snow was heightened by the contrast with the dark hedges and sky. 

Then all of a silent sudden, the blanket of snow lying on the lawn was marred by a fox loping from one side to the other. It left its footprints on nature’s white pages, and spoilt the unbroken purity. As we watched, he returned twice again, so that there was a criss-crossing of his tracks. Whatever his business around the house, and the excitement he aroused in the children (although he is a regular visitor), he ruined the snow-covered scene with his trail. 

Little foxes spoil the vine, says the Scripture. Corrupting influences are always present to ruin the testimony of a church, a family, or an individual. We are to be alert and to watch that kind of fox.