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Life from the Dead

Having a three-week tenure in a hospital ward, one saw a regular change of patients. Mostly they were all old men, having fallen and broken bones. It is pathetic to see and hear them when they have to be moved in their beds. The cries of pain are disturbing and moving. Generally, everyone had to lie on their backs. This, of course, causes their mouths to open in their sleep and produce snoring. But to observe these old men, their mouths open wide as if to swallow death, makes a layman not to volunteer odds on their recovery.

But amazingly the physios get them out of bed, and day by day the old men seemed to rally and strengthen. Life from the dead! Well, almost. But with everyone, sin plays havoc with our lives, and it seems impossible that there can be any change or improvement. But the Great Physician can raise from a state of sin and misery, and bring into newness of life through Christ Jesus. Truly life from the dead! And literally!