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Life from the Dead

As I sit preparing a sermon, glancing out of the window, I view the mountain about one and a half kilometres away, and it is dressed in Autumnal and winter brown. The ferns that clothe its surface have, to all appearances died, and the mountain wears its mourning dress. Yet to glance at the front gardens of our homes there is the appearances of the green stems of daffodils, and one or two have even flowered, which is very early. 

The daffodil is one of the national emblems of Wales. And when it bursts through the winter earth, it tells us that spring is near. It is like life from the dead. The Welsh wear a daffodil on March 1st, which is St. David’s day, the patron saint of Wales. So, the appearance of the daffodil is always an earnest that spring is around the corner. Then the mountain will change its dress to green. 

But the Christian has the Sabbath, which is a continual portent of the Resurrection. It speaks of life from the dead, of which our Lord was the firstfruits. Because He lives, we shall live also, for we have union in Him. We too, shall change our dress, and put on immortality.