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A Lesson from Wiping Dishes

Some years ago we bought a dish washing machine. The previous 40 years saw us at the kitchen sink, one washing the dishes, the other wiping. Generally I would land the job of wiping. It was a joke with us that my wife had a washing machine and had been married to him for 40 years! Now that chore is mechanically dealt with. 

It was rather therapeutic, picking up a dish, wiping the inside and then the outside, in a methodical way. Each dish in turn, then would be placed upside down on the kitchen worktop, and then stored away. Cleansed from all the residue, the dishes would be clean and shining, as they were turned upside down. 

Did you know this was Biblical? Jerusalem, the people of God, had grievously rebelled and sinned against God, under the kingship of a wicked ruler. And God. in judgment said, (2 Kings, 21:13), “I will wipe Jerusalem as a man wipeth a dish, wiping it and turning it upside down.” In a figure, God would cleanse the city of all its wickedness and inhabitants, and purify the city. Just like wiping a dish and turning it upside down. There is a lesson to learn from even wiping dishes!