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Knowledge Vs Wisdom

Let me pose a question, "What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom?" Well, there is ample proof that one can have knowledge, yet be vacuous as far as wisdom is concerned. There are distinguished academics in their fields, and even knowledgeable celebrities, yet by the things they say and the actions they perform, there can be a question mark over them respecting how wise they are. Probably having expertise in one field is detrimental to the acquisition of an all-round wisdom.

The Rev. John Elias was the only one to vie with Rev. Daniel Rowland, as the greatest Welsh preacher, or even British preacher, It is said that even though he had no schooling or college education, yet his all-round knowledge surpassed any of his generation who had doctorates. But not only that, the common people would resort to him for his medical knowledge, or legal ability, or geographical information, or historical perspectives. Above all, he was theologically above all. His wisdom in application in all these areas, and personal skills, was generally recognised and sought. The people of his parish would ask, ‘what would Elias say, not what the Bible says.’ 

To illustrate what is the difference between knowledge and wisdom, let me use this example. Knowledge knows that a tomato is a fruit; but wisdom knows not to use it in a fruit salad! What says the Scripture? “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” And to know that awe and reverential fear, there must be some knowledge of God. Wisdom will then use that knowledge to believe and to practise.