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Influence! - Which means the power of having an effect upon someone or something. When you think of it, the word ‘influenza’ is derived from it. That is, an epidemic virus, attacking or having, an effect upon the upper respiratory tract.

Influence! - It is a daily occurrence, whether at work, at school, at play, or in any normal ordinary relationship. All of us, whether we exert some effects on others, or they upon us, are subject to its power.

Influence! - There is no doubt that children and teenagers are highly prone to be influenced, either for good or bad. The pop-world and its stars, or sports personalities, exert a tremendous power of inducement, attraction and fascination for the young. There is a susceptibility in the minds of youngsters to what the world and the media consider as role models.

A recent study has shown that children who see their parents getting drunk, grow up with the same problem. And, no doubt, other traits and actions of parents are imitated by their children. What a responsibility we have as Christian parents to our off-spring. Interestingly, some missionaries used of God have been poor speakers, but by their lives and conduct they were highly successful in evangelising tribes for Christ. Likewise, by living out the Gospel, and revealing Christ in us, can be the visible means of persuading our children to love and to follow our Lord and our God. But not only our children can be influenced, but also our friends and contacts as well.