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Individuality In Homogeneity

No two finger prints are identical. That is remarkable considering the billions of humans on this earth! Even identical twins have some feature that distinguishes one from the other. Apparently no two blades of grass are the same, even if they grow side by side. So in that sense everything is unique. 

Similarly with conversions, each person who becomes a Christian through being born again, comes to faith in a different way. Having the same new life through Christ, yet their experience differs. There are three different conversions in Acts 16, and they each are brought to Christ by different circumstances and means. Each one’s circumstances are unlike the others, but they are all brought to Christ for deliverance from their sins.

Recall the two blades of grass growing side by side. Both different from the other, and yet both are blest with the same drop of rain. So each soul under the blessing of the same Holy Spirit, is brought by a variety of ways to the foot of Calvary’s Cross.