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In His Step

The snow continues to visit us! It does provoke reminiscences of past occasions. I can remember 1947 when the snow was a metre and a half deep, reaching up to our windowsills. Or again in 1973, when instead of building a snowman in the garden for the children, I built an igloo that was inhabitable.

A Christian friend recounted to me her memory of a snowfall. Her father was the chapel caretaker (we call church buildings, chapels). In those days, he had to go early in the morning to light the fire in the boiler to warm the chapel. She remembers him in his black Sunday suit, bowler hat and umbrella being used as a walking stick, making his way down the hill through the snow to the chapel. As a young girl, she used to walk behind him treading in his footsteps. This made it easier and safer for her, and especially following the one she dearly loved. By doing this, she did not slip or slide, and arrived at God’s house safely.

Is not this the advice of Peter, “That ye should follow in His steps?” Christ has gone before us, leaving us an example that we should follow after. By doing this, our feet shall not slide, and following the One we love we shall reach the desired haven. But also, if we take the direction given to the Church in the Song of Solomon, “Go thy way forth by the footsteps of the flock,” then we follow the steps of the congregation of the righteous of the past. We can be assured then, that we are on safe ground, and follow them to the Church above.