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If Only...

I suppose that if asked what were the saddest words in the world, each one of us would give a different answer. The words ‘goodbye’ or ‘farewell’, if used knowing that you would never see the other person again, are extremely sad. Or in an illness, should the doctor say, ‘I am afraid there is not much hope’, that would be heard with awful sadness. No doubt these examples could be multiplied. But one of the saddest expression which probably everybody has used is, - “If only”.

If only I had not said that; if only I had taken alternative action; if only I had done something; if only I had spent more time, or if only I had thought of something else. The list is endless. As Christians, we can remember such occasions when we have said this.

But for someone to be faced with the great exit door, and to realise, if only I had given heed to my soul. If only I had believed the Gospel, then my departure would be with assurance and not with trepidation and fear. Is that not sad? Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, before it is too late, and prevent your lips saying – “If only.”