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If Only…

Hitler was an avid reader. This Bavarian peasant had received no real education, certainly no higher education. To correct that, as he reached adulthood he began to read. Over the years he accumulated a massive library, and it is believed that he read a book every night. His favourite reading was Shakespeare and Carlyle. 

He was, of course, a brilliant orator, or at least someone who could capture and inspire thousands with his speeches. Many of his speeches are punctuated with Shakespearean quotes, (sometimes misquotes), But Carlyle remained his favourite, and a copy was with him when he presumably died in that German bunker. 

He had the dynamism to rise from the ranks to lead a nation, albeit down the broad path that leads to destruction. What a difference there would have been in world history if his favourite reading had been the Bible. All study and reading in the last analysis is but vanity, if it usurps the primary place of God’s revealed will in the Holy Scriptures. It is only the Scriptures that can make us wise unto salvation.