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I Know My Sheep

There are people we know, and yet we do not know them. Still waters run deep! Some reserve or some other obstacle prevents confidentiality or sharing even a friendship. There are some people we know, and there others we like to get to know. Those we would like to know seem to be just outside our orbit. Something about them creates an interest. Perhaps an attractive personality, or something unusual about their background draws one. Whatever the stimuli, we may think to ourselves, “I’m dying to know that person”.

I saw, outside a church, a placard, which stated in bold red lettering, “JESUS – DYING TO KNOW YOU.” Knowing the denomination of the church, the poster, by that statement, readily published its Arminian tenets. Christ did not die in order to know us, but He knew us before the foundation of the world. The Lord knoweth them that are His, because He predestinated them that are His. It is because He knew us that He died for us. The Lord Jesus said, “I know my sheep —and the Good Shepherd giveth His life for his sheep.” The advert may be a slick eye-catcher, but certainly not a soul instructor.