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I Can Do All Things

My wife, some years ago, met a man aged about 65 while shopping. He had just started to learn the piano. Every week he used to ask her questions on theory. By the time he was in his early seventies, he had progressed to achieve a Ph.D. He now, at eighty years of age, plays in expensive hotels in Dubai, and the Far Eastern countries.

The other day my wife and I took our daily walk along the local promenade. The tide was out, and its furthest point is about 2 metres beyond the end of the pier, which is about 500 metres long. We have walked along the pier many times, but never in sixty seven years have we walked along the sands around the end of the pier to the other side. Whether this was due to a lack of motivation, inclination or disinterest, or the fact that we did not think we could get around, we do not know. Nevertheless, we did it.

So in the Christian life, we can attempt things for God that we have omitted because of lethargy, doubt or seeming impossibility. Paul said, “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” Attempt things for God, and God will do things for you.