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Hypocritical Zeal

Often the believer who has become lax, will look for excuses not to go to the means of grace. That is a bad state to be in. Sometimes the least reason for absence is jumped on, rather than Christ and His Church being the chief delight. It is there the King reigns, the Prophet speaks and the Priest ministers. One excuse that is used is the weather, particularly in cold, wet and windy conditions. 

This reminds of a story concerning a late minister, who had a very quick repartee. One night the gale force winds were blowing, the rain lashing, and it seemed unsuitable conditions for a big congregation to come. Before the meeting one of the elders turned to the preacher and said, “Minister, no doubt only the righteous will come out on a night like this.” To which the minister quickly replied, “And the hypocrite.” 

The hypocrite’s zeal should provoke us to emulate their zeal and not the hypocrisy. Indeed, (Mt 6:2,5 & 16) shows the extent the hypocrite will go to, giving alms, praying and fasting! So do not let a little excuse deter you from so great salvation.