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Hands, Feet, Eyes, Ears and Toes

A friend called at our home on his way to a preaching engagement. We enjoyed a Sabbath afternoon of fellowship and catching up on news about Christians and churches. In our discussion he mentioned a young preacher of his acquaintance who has taken on a church of twenty members, and increased it to a hundred. He remarked that this young minister’s doctrine would not be reformed enough for me, but he seemed to get everyone in the church involved. From the oldest to the youngest, everyone has a work to do in the church. My friend was puzzled as to how he got them motivated. Indeed, he had come across two thirteen-year old girls from that church giving out invitations on the city streets to the meetings.

None are too young or too old to be employed in the vineyard. John wrote to young men and maidens, old men and children. What then am I doing for Christ? Are you labouring in the church, even in a small capacity? Work for the night cometh when no man can work.