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Hand Foot & Mouth

HFMD! Initials that distress a mother’s heart when it is diagnosed. It is an infectious complaint, and spreads amongst children. Until the ulcers heal, then it remains contagious and spreads its distress. 

But there is a far more serious infection that children have, even from birth, and it is called SIN. It is an infection that developes and affects and influences others. 

Sin controls the hands so that they are persuaded to be employed in mischief (Ps 26:10). Sin governs the feet so that they run to evil, and also in crooked paths (Is.59: 7 & 8). Sin manages the mouth so that it is full of cursing and bitterness (Romans 3:14). 

It is only the grace of God in Christ Jesus that can heal the disease, so that one’s hands are cleansed and washed in innocency (Ps.26:6). Also, one’s feet are refrained from every evil way (Ps.119:101), and the mouth now speaks the praises of the Lord (Ps.145:21). So, children and adults, let us earnestly seek that grace, and know and sing with David, “All thine iniquities who doth most graciously forgive: who thy diseases all and pains doth heal, and thee relieve.”