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Greater Than Global Warming

I could not envisage living in Singapore without air conditioning. It is an essential to lessen discomforts and mitigate the humidity. But there are a number of drawbacks. Offices being built in London now have modern air conditioning installed. Noiseless, and an unnoticeable airflow have cut objections from staff.

Yet medical reports show that artificially cool buildings affect concentration, gives headaches, and creates a feeling of unwellness. But there are greater complaints. The gas now used is made from Hydro Fluron carbons, which cause 20,000 times greater damage to the environment than the old Carbon Dioxide. A study has shown that there is a 20% leakage with most refrigerants. This means, 

One kg of leakage = driving a car 10,000 miles.
A 14.5 kg leakage of HFC = a car being driven a 100,000 miles.

But a serious fact is that leakage from refrigerants in supermarkets’ cold storage is equal to two and a half million flights from London to New York. 

Whether there is global warning or not, the debate continues. But Creation in all its wonder is being seriously damaged by this bad stewardship and neglect by man. God, the Creator beheld Creation, and it was very good. Now man beholds the Creation and does not recognise that there is a God, and mars his handiwork.