Pilgrims to the Celestial City

As I motored up the M4 to London on December 11th, I saw through the windscreen a great flock of birds high in the sky. My car followed a concrete route; their wings took them on an invisible, intuitive and inherited passageway through the heavens. These are the last migratory days when birds assemble in vast numbers, and remove from our winter to a warmer climate and a better country. 

This provoked me to think that we, as Christians, are doing something similar. Whether we belong to a small or a large church, we too, are part of a great migratory company, an innumerable company. Our journey is taking us to a better country, and that not by instinct, but by faith. We know that a forerunner has gone before us from earth to Heaven, and we follow in His footsteps. The way is invisible to sense, but has substance through faith, and the Voice tells us, “Where I am there shall ye be also.” Faith has a homing instinct. It will unerringly take us from whence it came.