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Often there are two ways of looking at things. The Christian says that God is: the worldling says in his heart, there is no god. The believer and the unbeliever have two differing views of life and death. To one, life is, eat, drink and be merry: the other believes, as Paul, that “Christ is our life.” One considers death as an event that leads to non-existence: the other views it as the door that leads to another life, life more abundant.

There is a wall in Northern Ireland,—in the midst of all the strife,—which has painted on it, ‘GODISNOWHERE.’ Thousands, both Protestants and Catholics, have over the years have been killed and murdered where this wall stands. In the midst of the bullets, bombing and blood, it is no wonder that these words are read in a way that paints a picture of hopelessness, and of a giving over to agnosticism or atheism. A despairing soul will read the words in that way.

But it can be looked at with other eyes, eyes that see God in everything. It can be read differently. No doubt those with faith in Northern Ireland, and we ourselves when we read it, believe that whatever the providence, GOD IS NOW HERE!