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God’s Limitless Power

When we read the Bible, and re-read it several times through life, one is always surprised by coming across something you had not noticed before. And that acts as stimuli to look for other by-passed truths.

For instance, the other day in reading Jeremiah 22, I was struck by that familiar verse 17. Jeremiah had looked at Creation and thereby been impressed by God’s omnipotence and mighty power, and confidently confessed, “there is nothing too hard for thee”. But then in verse 27, God confirms by His own testimony, and responds, “ is there anything too hard for me?” 

Here we have a double assurance of our God’s ability and power. His omnipotence is limitless, and only bounded by His own wisdom. Oh, that we could exercise faith in this truth, What mountains could be moved; what exploits could be done; what immeasurable good could be wrought by the most insignificant Christian. Did not the Apostle write, I can do all things through Christ that strengthenest me.