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Revival and Declension

It is exactly one hundred years since the last major revival to grace Wales was experienced .A country which has historically been labelled the Land of Revival. Estimations place the number of professions at about one hundred thousand in 1904-05. When one considers that the present population is about 2.5 to 3 million, then that relatively was a high proportion. 

Recently a preacher I heard made a statement that was distressing. He had been at a conference on Revival, and a speaker had stated, that Wales is second only to France as the most pagan country in Europe! See how the mighty are fallen. And that has happened in a space of a hundred years! 

God, who is sovereign, can remove the candlestick at any time, any where. He can take it from a country or a locality. Therefore, watch and pray lest he remove your privileges or your church because of sin.