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Freedom Under The Law

A relative of mine, when discussing the quirks of some Christians, often quotes an old saying, “There’s nowt so strange as Christians!” And it is true that some Christians have some peculiar traits of character, and odd characteristics.

A lady in Tennessee who is a member in a Christian church, has just completed a year of trying to keep the laws and rules applicable to women in the Bible. Some of them were, total submission to her husband in all things; calling him Lord or Master; letting her hair grow; covering her head, and other Biblical regulations. Now I don’t know why she did that. She might have set herself a challenge, or it was a test, and maybe it was an experiment, but it was a strange thing to do.

Anyway, she was exasperated with the undertaking and was so glad when it came to an end. In no way was it enjoyable to her, and it was more of a burden. No doubt she was keeping the statutes legally and not lovingly, nor evangelically. The law will always be a burden if it is approached as a way of trying to be righteous. But I don’t think she realised that Christ has set us free from that burden. We can never keep the law because of our sinful nature. But Christ has kept every jot and tittle, and borne the penalty of our breaking the law. So that we can now say with David, “O how love I thy law.” Perhaps if she had attempted it in the liberty that Christ now gives, and through His grace, she would have found that actually it would have been a good and pleasant exercise. The spirit and essence of many of these injunctions still remain, and should be gladly submitted to by any who are new creatures in Christ.