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The Eyes which Should be Feared

A committee in the House of Lords has just brought out a report labelling the U.K. as a surveillance society. They are concerned that the Government and various external organisations are in possession of private and personal information about its citizens. DNA samples are being gathered surreptitiously, medical records, and financial details are all stored. There are many areas of life that are now documented or computerised. 

One of the incredible facts is, that there are 4 million CCTV cameras throughout the country. Relative to its size, it is only China and Malaysia can compare with that. Now this burgeoning of cameras is partly because of the threat of terrorism. But motorists and pedestrians are under continual surveillance and scrutiny through CCTV. 

The books of Zechariah and Revelation speak of the seven eyes of the Lord. It is a description of His omniscience. His eyes never slumber nor sleep. All things are known unto Him, nothing can be hid from Him. And while it is a public concern that so much information is known about them by authorities, yet they are unconcerned that the Lord knows their lives from birth to death. “The Lord God is a God of knowledge, and by Him actions are weighed.”