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Failed Desires

When a couple have been married for a long time, there is a development of understanding and a mutual anticipation of things. Often one might say something, and the other will reply, “Well, I was just thinking the same thing myself.” Or, one will have the intention of doing something, and the other will have already done it a short while before. They get to think alike, and accept gladly that one or the other has done it.

So it is in the Christian life; we may decide to do some act of charity or kindness, and before we can, we find that someone else has beaten us to it. And that is because we have the same Spirit within, who moves us to the same desire. God’s providence spans time and distance, and can motivate anyone to accomplish His purpose. Is then the failed desire of the one valueless? Not so; if we first have a willing mind, then God accepts it as done. He will sometimes test our genuineness and our generosity.