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An Explosion of Beauty

I can’t remember such a fine Spring. For the last number of weeks we have had no rain, to the extent that we had quite a serious mountain fire in front of us, as the bracken and gorse were so dry. The birds, morning and evening, were in splendid voice, and thrilling with their trilling more than us less vocal species.

The flowers and bushes seem to have blossomed early, and were abundant in blooms. Japanese cherry blossom trees have already shed their pink petals. Camellia bushes, both red and white, stood proudly welcoming the sun. The profusion of yellow daffodils, having stood to attention, now have died back until next Spring. Carpets of bluebells now cover the grass flooring of the parks, and rhododendrons wave their lilac, blue and red ball-like flowers in the breeze. Tulips nod their scarlet heads at the passing clouds, and a host of other coloured plants crowd this part of Creation. An explosion of beauty seen by all. 

None of them can be prevented from showing themselves, and none of them vie for attention, but rather together they display their particular gift in Creation. So also should the Church. Within its ranks there are a multitude of virtues, gifts and graces. All set there by God, and all must be seen in their corporate splendour. They are not to be stifled nor prevented. The Church needs the lowly insignificant primrose with its beautiful fragrance, as well as the stately cedars of Lebanon. So let a thousand flowers bloom, to be seen by all.